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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Symphony - Charles Ives

Dordt College Concert Band Bradley Miedema, Conductor Concert Date: March 27, 2009 Variations on 'America' .... Charles Ives orchestrated by William Schuman transcribed by William E. Rhoads


grumpy said...

this is great; Ives was a genius, arguably our greatest composer ever; i fear for America, though; the Fourth, it's just another marketing opportunity.

Sanoguy said...

It is coming up to the 40th anniversary of Easy Rider. There was a good article in Friday's SD Union Trib about the making of the movie. When you saw them smoking dope in the movie, they were smoking dope... according to Peter Fonda... now 69 year old Peter Fonda!!! ( Where does the time go???)

There was a funny story about a really stoned Jack Nicholson doing a key scene really stoned. He wasn't acting, he was just playing stoned Jack

Anonymous said...

Jack is always just playing Jack.
Just watched Five Easy Pieces.
One interview I read of his, said the only thing he was nostalgic about whas his weight.