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Friday, July 17, 2009

Blast Q & A

When do you have time for all this musing and pontificating ?
DG - New York

Good question DG! In the new economic reality, every second must be devoted to toil and milling about the old grindstone.  It is in recognition of said reality that I have decided to pack it in with a mere 27 more posts. Maybe goodnight Irene, maybe a mere sabbatical. 

In the future I am sure that anthropologists and sages will go over each one of my witticisms with a fine tooth comb, looking for some key to understanding our civilization and the human condition.  But I am afraid that a man is seldom recognized in his own lifetime, or is a king in his own household and that my "musing and pontification" has largely fallen on deaf ears.

I mention Walter Cronkite in this morning's post and he keels over dead a mere hours later. This power is far to great for my mortal soul to bear. Who would be the next to fall to the curse of the Blast?

So in the words of the immortal Millard Fillmore, Ciao Baby! I will resign and quietly go into seclusion with Bill Watterson, Berkeley Breathed and J.D. Salinger. All mail and correspondence will be returned unopened. I will be hopping freights and visiting the far off reaches of Patagonia or Ladakh, or possibly consulting with some grand sufi poobah on the Ganges.

It's been a heck of a ride but a thousand is such a good round number.



Sanoguy said...

Tell me it isn't so, Robert!!! You can't quit now while you are just getting warmed up!!!

Seriously, I hope that you wrote this with tongue firmly in cheek!! I will miss your musings... if, in fact, what you say is true!!!

grumpy said...

you stop blogging? call me doubting Thomas- i'll believe it when i see it..