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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oscar Mayer dead at 95.

First Farrah, then Michael and now this.  I don't know how much more the american psyche can take.

Oscar Mayer, the king of frankfurters, has left for the big bun in the sky.

Hot dog scion Mayer, a spry 95, was tooling around the avenues in his patented wienermobile when he was set upon by a pack of hungry german shepherds, who evidently mistook the car for an easy meal and mark.

Police and crime scene investigators were aghast at the carnage. " The whole corner was strewn with mustard and kraut, no one deserves to go that way," said a shaken Detective Joe Schlobotnik.

Per the request of the family, funeral services will be private.


Anonymous said...

I have a wiener whistle.


Anonymous said...

Voted #18, Rolling Stone's 100 greatest Rock Anthems of the 20th century:

Oh, I'd love to be Oscar Mayer's veiner, that is what I'd truly like to be, ee, ee.
Cuz if I wuz Oscar's Veiner's mayer,
there wood soon be nuthin' leftuv moi, hee, hee.

Oscar's dying words: "We better hide the sausage cuz we don't know whut's init!"

That's all!

grumpy said...

from bad to wurst...