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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perry Mason Files

Senator Al Franken stumped Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor today.

The comedian turned junior Senator from Minnesota asked her in which case D.A. Hamilton Burger actually beat the rotund, gasping private eye Perry Mason, as played by Raymond Burr.

The Blast has done some fact finding and in fact there were two cases, The Case of the Terrified Typist and The Case of the Deadly Verdict. In addition, Burger identified the true murderer in The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe.

Earl Stanley Gardner, the creator and writer of Perry Mason, lived over the hill in Temecula, near Boseker Great Oak Ranch, presently the site of an indian casino.

Franken is going to be great to watch! I love the guy.


grumpy said...

i saw that clip a little while ago; really good; Franken is a wonderful addition to Congress; likewise Ms. Sotomayor to the Supremes, should she be confirmed; sadly, i was unable to find live coverage of the hearings on tv yesterday...

grumpy said...

i loved Raymond Burr as Perry Mason, the way he would punctuate his lines with a deep breath; he was a really good actor, you could hear him think; who played Hamilton Burger, though? and wasn't Perry's investigator Dennis Hopper's father? great show, and the theme song was maybe the best ever

Sanoguy said...

Here is the You Tube link to that clip:


To paraphrase the junior SEnator from Minnesota, that's pretty cool!!!!