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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's all going to hell file

News out today from the Tiversa Inc. Group testifying at the House Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee that highly sensitive and classified information has been located on public P2P networks, both domestically and internationally.

This information includes the precise, current location of every nuclear missile silo in the United States, the location of our first lady's safe house, medical records of 24,000 patients in a Texas hospital and social security numbers of every master sergeant in the United States Army.

There are photos of witnesses in the Federal Witness Protection program, FBI surveillance photos of alleged mafia hit men and other critical information that one would probably not want to see disseminated.

Earlier this year, blueprints for our president's helicopter were found on a p2p site in Iran.
Tiversa scours peer to peer networks for sensitive information. The culprit for much of this dissemination are file swapping services such as Limewire and Bearshare.

I would remove Limewire from your computer. I did. The software that allows file sharing can be configured to also display all of your most sensitive documents and information. These programs are too powerful and insidious and I feel much more comfortable limiting my exposure.

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