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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dia Cinco

Another day with no business. I'd blow my brains out but I probably couldn't afford the ammunition. I am trying to push every button I can to make something happen, nothing I can do but wait at this point.


I like this picture of Oxbow Bend I posted. Against my better judgement, practically kicking and screaming, I have taken iphoto out of my workflow and am trying to work exclusively in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop. I am also shooting exclusively raw now. NEF files give you about three more stops then jpegs and my buddies were right, the power of Lightroom is pretty awesome. My photo group is having a training session Sunday for members, Ken Seals is teaching the class and I look forward to expanding my knowledge base and skill set. Within thirty minutes of actually using the program it was already paying off. Plus it metatags my copyright information automatically into every photo.


My buddy Kerry and his wife Jasmine blew into town today from Arizona.  They are both pro photographers and my favorite hiking partners. I painted with Kerry in college.

He is responsible with some of the more acerbic and snarky comments on this blog.

I suggested that we all go out for a burrito, the thought of another taco turning my stomach. The mexican food tour is really starting to wear on me. Today I found three more spots that I am obligated to stop by and sample, Northgate, the Mi Adobe Panaderia up the street and Bonita Foods. I am scratching Servianos off the list because they serve burgers and other things as well. Might as well try the enchiladas at Dennys.

Today we walked up to El Toro for a burrito. I have been eating there burritos since I moved to this building. They are delicious and the girls take really great care of us. I had a monster sour cream and carnitas burrito today stuffed with rice and topped with sour cream. Kerry did the same, Jasmine going for a vegetarian burrito with eggs and peppers. It was a thing of beauty on the grill. Great salsas of both colors. I had my go to Mexico drink, squirt, they split a Agua de Coco con pulpo, a coconut drink.

One of the very best burritos in town, which is understandable since they are a carneceria, or mexican meat market. The owner Mohamed, happens to be a great guy as well. Kerry called to tell me that they both felt like it was the best burrito they had had in years.

Sharp eyed Hudgins caught me yesterday. I mentioned that I had tacos el pastor but then said chicken and carné. As Hudg accurately points out, pastor is always pork. I was confused, I was drunk, sorry.

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Michael Cartwright said...

You crack me up with your grumbling, "Dear God, another day, another taco? I'm going to barf. My kingdom for a burrito!" The great thing about Mexican food is that if you like it, you're set, because every dish is made with the same ingredients. When we lived in Hermosa Beach, we used to call down to the Mexican joint on the corner and place an order. We'd then go and pick it up, take it back to the apartment, only to find they'd gotten it wrong. (Every time!) But it didn't matter. The ingredients for all their dishes were the same - rice, beans, lettuce, tomatos, carne asada. Wrap it in a corn or flour tortilla and you've got ... Mexican food!