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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I bash our president with more frequency than I would like. I would definitely like to give him props for getting the soldiers out of Iraq. Can you imagine if McCain or some uberbutch republican was running the show? We'd be in there for at least another four years. Ten years was enough, thank you. Nixon took five years to accept the same terms offered in Paris in 1969 to end the Vietnam conflict. Countless lives were lost, many American, for absolutely nothing but macho "face." Good for Obama. Time for the sectarian civil war and you Iraqis are now on your own. Obama pulled the plug on the remaining soldiers after the Iraqi government refused to provide the remaining U.S. military with immunity.


Is the Republican party really that morally and intellectually bankrupt that they can not field a more credible candidate than we have in our current clowncar? Rick Perry is dumb as a door and now forced to play the jesus card ad nauseam and duel with Rick Santorum and Michelle over who gets the "most pious evangelical" tag.  He has never met an environment that he hasn't wanted to destroy, visit the home state some time. They've really got that electric chair working. Gingrich is an evil little man with teflon skin. Romney is the most palatable of the major candidates, but his tenure at Bain Capital buying up and stripping companies while laying off workers doesn't resonate really well with the masses. He inspires the way that rice or tapioca pudding inspires, not much... Most of my socially liberal, fiscally conservative republican buds will vote for him. Methinks he will be another trojan horse, stealthily crafted candidate, after all he is still a mormon bishop and I think that with his advocacy for the personhood amendment, bye bye, reproductive choice and a huge shift to the right on a host of issues. One more justice and abortion is definitely toast. He is also a strong advocate of the Ryan plan to replace medicare with private vouchers, a plan that experts say will radically reduce coverage for seniors. Ron Paul gets no credit at all considering his high poll numbers, a great candidate, that is if you want to give people the right to discriminate, end public education and screw the Israelis. Bachmann is a weird chick who never blinks and has the great propensity for saying the most outlandish and bizarre things that bear no apparent relation with reality with a straight face. She will throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks. Lives in her own little alternate reality.

And the sad thing is, the contenders pretty much reflect their constituency. WYSIWYG. Don't blame the mainstream media or liberals for these guys, this august lineup is the cream of your party. Sad.

We had eight years of a free market, anti regulatory presidency and it put us in a hole that we are yet to escape from. What do you say we re-elect one of these boys or maybe the crazy gal and double down?


I am a Laker fan and I can't help but notice the little incubation tank the NBA has become to test our notions of unbridled free market capitalism and marxism. The small market NBA owners raised a big stink when the league owned Hornets wanted to trade their star guard, Chris Paul to the Lakers in a three team, multiplayer deal. The big bad Lakers, a perennial champion, win too much, so the small market guys took the leninist tack and killed the deal. Losers, ne'er do wells and moochers envy the champion's success and rather than putting their nose to the grindstone and working for it, let the powers that be strip a team that got there by skill and hard work. The NBA welfare state.

The Lakers had to trade a disgruntled Lamar Odom after the botched deal and Gasol probably ain't too happy either. This gross interference seems really unfair to me. It was not like the Hornets were giving Paul away. Lakers pay a huge luxury tax and the new league agreement penalizes them even further. This deal smacks of the worst kind of social engineering and micromanagement. I hate communists.


grumpy said...

love the Bob Cousy ad.

Sanoguy said...

Jon Huntsman is too conservative for my taste, but, of all the of Rep clowns, he is the least clown like. He is actually a decent guy who deserves mention by the Blue Heron. He has real leadership experience at the state level and real foreign policy credentials, unlike the other clowns.