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Monday, December 12, 2011

Real Patriots

A screengrab from Kansas' Patriot Freedom Alliance, the Tea Party of Hutchinson, which carries a picture of a skunk on its website and explains the skunk has replaced the eagle as the symbol for the president.

From the HutchNews : "It is half black, half white, and almost everything it does, stinks," it states.
"It's satire is what it is," said Thomas Hymer, Hutchinson, who maintains the website, patriotfreedomalliance.org. "Satire in a politically incorrect form," he said.
Local Tea Party supporter Chuck Sankey agreed with Hymer that it's satire.
It just makes a point that we're in trouble and what's happening doesn't smell right, Sankey said. "That's what it means to me."
Regarding the reference to half-black, half-white, Sankey said, "Isn't that the truth? What's wrong with the truth?"
Obama's mother was a white American, and his father was a black African.
"It may be offensive to some, of course, but in humor there is always an element of truth," said Sankey, saying he is neither racist nor bigoted but is concerned about the direction the country is going.
If people are offended by it, Sankey said, his advice is: "Don't look at it."

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