I don't think I have ever shared this uncropped original photograph before. Low resolution but still effective. I like how the tail curls around the girder.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Helps with radio reception, too!

not the woman!
I was cruising Best Buy for a cigar port USB when I first saw her. And I will be the first to admit that I am clueless regarding current fashion or the latest trend du jour. The woman had to be pushing 75 and she was sporting a  gold hoop through her proboscis the size of a quarter. She looked at me, I looked at her and we went our separate ways. I would say end of story but I actually saw her again walking down the street a bit later.

I think that the nose ring thing is over, ladies. It is not attractive, or certainly not to this viewer. I am happy that you have seen fit to "go native." But we have real problems in this society when the granny in Dubuque is getting her nose pierced and sporting a smooth brazilian instead of making a nice sheet of warm cookies. It just looks dumb, frankly. Who isn't rocking with the requisite nose stud or lip gear these days? It's no longer hip and shouldn't be allowed unless you can show documented proof of actual Berber or Tuareg ancestry.

I was talking to R´ about what I had seen and she said that a lot of lesbians up north have the oversized hoops. The lesbian punks used to favor the Ferdinand the bull look, with the hoop connecting both nostrils. The tiny stud is more demure but still leaves me cold.

Is this elderly nose ring phenomenon some sort of cougar, milf signal to the world that they are still ripe, willing and able to engage in sexual hijinx or merely a fashion statement that they are ready to embrace their tribal roots? Must be trying to signal something. While the female may be trying to send a message that she is sexually available, my first thought is, escapee from a Roma encampment. Or am I just not getting it?


Anonymous said...

Bob, You should feel very guilty, for several reasons.

First, your comment about nose rings, etc and they should be banned. Very judgmental. I don't like them either, but the only time I judged was when my granddaughter was sitting accross the table for dinner and had a pierced object in her eyebrow--that ruined my appetite and she removed it. (unfortunately, auto accident and she isn' here any more and the driver got only a one year sentence.) Don't judge lest you be judged.

Second, you were driving in Northern California and didn't go home by way of I-5 and stop at my town and home. We are the home of a cult Mexican restaurant--a place where the chain was founded--now several stores in the area--DOS COYOTES--owned by the Coyote brothers. We like that place but it feeds us too much and not good for dieting. The other place we like, but you probably wouldn't because it is too American, is Chevy's.

You have my invitation. NORM

Blue Heron said...

You had me until you mentioned Chevy's. For the sake of accuracy I never said nose rings should be banned. In a land where nose rings are banned only the criminals will have nose rings. I will give up my nose ring when you pull my cold, dead fingers off of it, etc.

Nephew Bob

Anonymous said...

The photo is A-MAH-ZING and transported me to a certain National Geo cover of the Afghani girl 25+ years ago.

I see immigrant in her eyes but maybe I am wrong.

So now the Valley Girl in me says this shallow bit: SUNSCREEN LADIES!! Moisturizer! Wide brim Hats! Thank you.

Blue Heron said...

That's not the woman B. I appropriated the pic for educational purposes only.

Sanoguy said...

You are on fire with this one, Blue Heron!! Lots of laughs here!!!