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Friday, December 23, 2011

Mi Amigo

It's a cold morning in Fallbrook. The main heater on the roof works when it decides it wants to and today just isn't one of those days. I have the little heat master cranking on the floor beside me, hoping that my fingers will soon thaw out.

And what could be better on a cold Fallbrook morning than a nice mexican meal? I decided to take a short walk down the block and rediscover on old favorite Mi Amigo, a panaderia and pastelaria that also serves food, and delicious food at that.

I used to eat at Mi Amigo all the time when I had my old shop up the street. I had to self boycott the place when I found that I couldn't stop binging on the fine selection of mexican pastries. I walked by the place and saw an Uruguayan woman that I know eating there, who is pretty discriminating. Why not give it a try?

Today I ordered an adobado quesadilla and a taco dorado made with carne asada. Adobado is a meat marinated in ancho and poblano chiles, in this case pork. Tacos dorado are a deep fried taco. The plate came with a generous helping of sour cream and a nice sprinkling of mexican cheese. This is the only place I have yet visited that adds the cheese without you asking. They get major points.

Some of the mexican restaurants on my survey tend to serve a mixed crowd of anglos and hispanics, some like El Jardin are almost exclusively gringos, this place is mostly all mexicans and latinos. Their fare is different than the norm, with a large menu of tortas and some more unusual dishes as well. Prices are the most reasonable bet in town with a host of fare under two bucks.

For dessert, I had an oreja, spanish for ear. A sweet little hamentaschen! These were one of my favorite binge items and that is why I don't come back. Highly addictive.

Mi Amigo is a worthy contender and one of the better places to go when you want something unusual and cheap. Plus the people are very nice. Hasta.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Man the Adobada is magnificent as are there tortas and burritos. My high fiber cereal with Almond milk and banana could never compare. I could be there in two minutes from where I sit powering down there homeade deliciousness but sadly I have broken up with them because they are fattening enablers. TORTURE! Instead I eat and digest vicariously through this calorie free blog.