Greater Egret

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Au revoir, 2011

Well here I am. 850 posts, 200 more than last year, tied up neatly in a bow. Grumpy said that my need for numerical symmetry was a symptom of some deep mental illness and I guess I will take that although I must say he says a lot of things that he later retracts. 850 just felt like a better way to leave things than 849, I'm sorry.

I was talking to friend who got his first book deal this year. Unfortunately people don't read books too much anymore, it is sort of old school you know? Anyway I won't say that I am quitting, because both you and I know that I can't but I hope that I can start writing privately again and get back to writing some fiction. Some things have to be wrapped in gauze and fictionalized, just so's nobody locks me up and throws me in a looney ward. Might have to get a fancy pseudonym.

Anyway my friend felt that it is better to write and have an audience that reads you than write and get left on a lonely shelf and I will take that to heart. Thanks for stopping by. I know that I am incessant. Got a lot on my mind. The greatest sin is to squander one's resources and I feel very fortunate.  And thankful that people take the time to listen. Sounds corny but true.

I want to thank all of you for your friendship, my homies, my cyberkin, most of all my wife. I look at life's tapestry and I have to honestly tell you that it is showing a lot of wear. Scratches in the paint, holes in the fabric, aches in all the joints, bulging midriff. I'm not putting up too good a front. But fuck it, as we used to say in the old neighborhood, the only thing that matters is loving and engaging as many people as you can.

Peace out.