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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pedro's Tacos

I must say that my quest to try every Mexican restaurant in Fallbrook this week is starting to beat me up a little bit, but I will keep soldiering on. Last night Leslie was playing Mah Jong with the girls so I thought that I would cross Pedro's Tacos off my list. I was still full from the lunch at Las Brisas and the thought of another mexican entree was frankly grossing me out a little bit but I have to keep going. Grumpy stopped by the other day and said that he had just eaten the greatest fish taco in the known universe down there so the place was on my short have to do list. I sauntered off into the cold rainy night, preparing myself for whatever culinary fate would befall me.

Pedro's is a small family owned chain. Old time Fallbrookians knows that it sits on the footprint of the old Richardson's Drive-in. I have frankly stayed clear of the place in the many years since it opened because I am not much of an onion eater and when I went in after the place opened up, there were onions in everything, even after I asked for them to be omitted. One false step and you are off the list forever. Or seemingly forever since I have managed to return.

Leslie had heard a customer complain of witnessing a less than hygienic moment at Pedro's. It is probably heresay, you know how rumors get started. Like the old one about the Great Wall owners digging through Major's garbage bins for bok choy. Pedro's looked sparkling clean to me. The girls behind the counter were great and friendly and the fish taco superb. Kicks Rubio's ass, but that is a chain that has been going down hill for a while.

Great fish taco, good selection of salsa, nothing much more I can say. Honestly didn't think that the mexican food week would be so hard. Anybody got a bromo-seltzer?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, I ran by your house today. Enjoying your mexican food quest. I eat at Pedro's all the time. They have the best carne asada, try that next time. Beth