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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantastic Voyage

Today is the last day for Family Tree DNA's spring sale. If you have ever wondered about your genetic genealogy now is the time to take the test and open up a whole new understanding of your ancestors. I will be happy to walk you through it.

I recommend a Y-DNA 37 and MtDNA test for men and a MtDNA test for women. Cost is a couple hundred dollars. MtDNA is supposed to be $59.00 today but the site says $159.00. Order and then call them on Monday.

Later on you can get the Family Finder autosomal test which will give you access to new relatives all the way to fifth cousins in the largest genetic database. I have 85 pages of cousins I have discovered with this test.

The test is simple, a couple scrapes of the inside of your cheek, goes in an envelope to the Texas Genomics Center and in a month or two you get the results.

Click here to get to the website. My knowledge of anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, paleontology and so many other fields has increased markedly since I started to explore my personal DNA.


L-792* A1 (formerly E1b1b1c1- d1)

M34+ L798+ L792+ L791+ Z850- Z842- V23- M84- M290- M136-

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