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Friday, April 20, 2012

Flying mosaic

My friend Shawn Mayes sends me these pictures of a flying visitor that he received this morning at his home in Thailand. The post that the moth is hanging out on is 4" wide so this guy is probably at least twice that. He says that he has seen them even bigger.

I sharpened them up in Adobe Lightroom so they bear my watermark, sorry Shawn! It's automatic. He added a caterpillar with a stare for good measure.

Shawn is celebrating his birthday today. Celebrate a 4/20 birthday in whatever way is customary in your culture. Tip a glass to a great guy.

Shawn and I have been friends for going on thirty six years. He is a botanist amongst other many other skills, specializing in a carnivorous plant species called nepenthes. He has been involved in creating an educational campaign to teach thai youngsters about their native flora. I found this link on the net this morning, not sure how current it is, but it might be up to date.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

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