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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Foolish Pleasure

My stat count for the blog is really in the dumper. Yippee! There are several possible reasons for the blog to be undergoing a slump; the search algorithm has changed so I am not getting as many Bangla Deshi's searching for porn, people are sick of my constant raving, I stopped sending it out so much, expecting people to know how to bookmark it if they want to read it, Google has yet again monkeyed with the search engines and the googlebot, etc.. Could be a million things, or maybe just a momentary blip.

Frankly I am happy at my newfound lack of popularity. It is something of a pressure to write for the unseen masses, never knowing who I will offend and who will ultimately come gunning for me. Have we had any blog stalker killings yet?

I am happy to write for my regulars, my friends, my longtime invisible lurkers. This isn't a popularity contest and it has to be fun for me and not a chore. So enjoy the blog and remember not to tell anybody about it.


Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Happy April 1 to you too, Robert!

MC. said...

It's in the vault!

grumpy said...

no doubt everyone's sick of my endless griping.

Anonymous said...

the pic looks like a tough guy out on a midnight run.