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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What next?

Busy and sad week in our little town. They found the body of the missing Fallbrook woman a few hours ago in a ravine. Brittany Kilgore was only 22. The woman responsible for her death had tried to commit suicide and had left a note in a Point Loma hotel telling where the body would be found.

It has been a real whodunit. Suspicions had been focussed on a 45 year old marine who had been picked up for having an illegal assault rifle. Don't know if he was actually connected to the homicide or not. Her husband was on a tour of Afghanistan.Tragic that this beautiful young woman has lost her life so suddenly.

I just went to the bank and saw this sign on the door.  What I hadn't noticed until I looked were the cops running around everywhere. The Bank of America had just been robbed and they were looking for the now red dyed perp. Never found him, the sheriff told me.

Fallbrook, we're not just about avocados anymore.

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grumpy said...

and a year and a few months ago a black man was killed by a couple of our Latino gang members late one night on Ammunition Bl across from Carls Jr.