Egret and crab

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selling Out

Blogger, the google company that offers me a free platform in which to blog, sent me a nifty note today:

Monetize your blog with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger
When you share your words, thoughts and photos on Blogger, you are sharing your passions with the world. Sometimes, you’re passionate about brands or products. Starting today, you can make money by promoting relevant products in your posts, gaining income for each new customer you introduce to your favorite brands.
This is a new way for you to monetize your blog, giving you control over the advertisers and products you promote, and better connecting your readers with the things you love.

I especially like the line "Sometimes, you’re passionate about brands or products." Really? I am going to pitch products on my blog now? You think I can be bought that easily? As I sit here on my comfortable Barcalounger™, drinking this fantastic Fanta™Grape Soda, watching my ultrasharp Sony™high def television? Dressed in my form fitting Fruit of the loom™ briefs and watching my sweetheart whip up a tasty pitcher of Don Julio brand margaritas in my Ronco™ blendamatic Predator© brand blender?

Never! (cha-ching.)


island guy said...

Fanta? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Wow what an opportunity!! Once your account is fully monetized be sure to look into weaponizing it also. Just think, your blog can be on the front lines fighting terrorism, un-Americanism and anything else that gets in the way of corporate control of the globe. Fight on!!

MC. said...

I was with you up until the description of your lounging in your Fruit of the Loom briefs. I could have gone the rest of my life without that image in my head!