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Monday, April 16, 2012

get up stand up.

Michigan Republican Representative Peter Hoekstra raised both women's ire and eyebrows last week when he declared that laws that mandated equal pay for women were a "nuisance" for business. Today Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney refused to say if he would have signed the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter act which helped women who have been the victims of such discrimination sue their employers. That was in the past and Mitt is looking towards the future. The man who ordered that welfare moms go to work in 2005 in order to help them find a little dignity doesn't want to deal in hypotheticals and I don't blame him.

In fact, both of these men should be applauded for their stances. Since when has a woman ever worked equally to a man anyway? Let's look at a typical day. Start off by putting your makeup on in the car and performing a few illegal lane changes. You clock in and then maybe look at your horoscope. Fix your nail polish.  Watch the Guiding Light on hulu. Type a letter or two and it's nearly time for lunch. Read US or People and catch up on a little water cooler gossip and its almost time to go home.

You women have had it too easy for too long. There's gonna be a new sheriff in town and his name is Mitt. It's time to get the dead weight off of american business and you know how to spell it. W-o-m-e-n.

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Anonymous said...

These broads don't need equality, they need s date.

Giacomo Casanova