Egret and crab

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harvey Mandel- Christo Redentor

Killer version of Wade in the Water by Harvey Mandel. Great album cover art by the late Alton Kelley.


Anonymous said...

If Kelley had bought an alarm clock he would have been there on time.

Harvey Mandel

Blue Heron said...

Better late than never.

grumpy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blue Heron said...

You know it is 4/20, maybe you should think about getting stoned. I seem to recall it happening once or twice in the past. Perhaps you mistakenly left a vital section of your being on some lonely stoop somewhere just begging to be rediscovered.

Frank neither craves nor desires either of our proclamations. Didn't seem to add anything to the recipe. I am a cyber chef, you know?

The obdurate cerebredentor.

grumpy said...

been there done that, but at this stage of my walk i'd rather smash tennis balls.