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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ducks and geese

A friend in Fallbrook who is lucky enough to have a five acre lake in his back yard called me this morning.

He wanted to give me a heads up that he had unexpected visitors in the lake, Canadian Geese, who don't normally stop much around these parts.

He suggested that I come down and click off some shots.

I have a whole lot of stuff to do, am frankly so behind, but I want to get similar calls in the future so I threw my gear in the van and drove over and took a couple pictures.

They were there all right. A whole bunch of them.

Unfortunately the birds had pretty much moved out of lens range by the time I got down there but those things happen. Often. You roll with the punches. Lucky to get a decent shot per session.

I settled for wigeons this morning.

Felt good to be outside and good to have a camera in my hand. Almost forgot how to use it. Made a few bonehead mistakes. Maybe better luck next time.

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