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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Blast reader's photos - 2017

Larry Moskovitz - La Jolla Sunset from Children's Pool

Ted Fleming - Glass Beach blowhole with Milky Way, Kauai
As always, we celebrate the end of the year with your favorite submissions. Will continue to post new pictures throughout the month. Please continue to send them, even you lurkers or occasionals out there.

Pat Campbell - Woman at Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons

Mike Reardon - Hanalei Pier sunset
Helen Mchargue - April 2017. Balinese women having a wonderful time together at a ceremony.
Ron Holder - Aztec

Jonathan Hill - Abstract
Jeff Barney - After the Lilac fire

Lena Leichtling - City of Refuge

Steve Saylor - Mesa Verde
Bill Warmboe - Gingko leaves, Burlingame
Ricardo Neuman - Plaa

Max Hall

Michael Loughlin - Cupcake
Kerry Brown - Plant in terracotta pot

Michael Evans - Silver Vet, Silver People

D.N. Evans - self portrait, 1973

Shawn Mayes - Thai Sky
Jeff Myers - Chickaloon, Alaska
Bill Olson -Rainy morning in January 

Noreen Ring - Year of the Asshole

Kathleen Morgan - sunset taken by my son Grant
Kerry Johnson - Nothing, AZ

Cam Wilde - Too many Irish coffees
Kent Borsch and Heidi Minga
Ken Seals - veteran

Lou Nidorf - Hand

Kip Peterson
Jon Harwood - Bonsall Bridge

James O'Donnell - Reflection
Brett Stokes - Canyon de Chelly

Jack Fisher
Bethany Jester - Moroccan friend's mother - Sahara Desert


Blue Heron said...

What an exceptional painting by Kerry Brown. Look at it full size, his treatment of the red pot is just incredible in its lifelike representation.

Max Hall said...

Wonderful. I thought it was a photograph.

Blue Heron said...

I accidentally deleted a pic and I don't remember whose. Please let me know if your picture has been deleted.