Jelly, jelly so fine

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We go through a lot of bird seed at home and we only have one feeder. I guess we are an easy mark. Recently I changed from a wild seed mix to all black sunflower seeds. We have always had scrub jays but suddenly we have every jay from here to Bonsall coming by for a free meal. Incessant screechers, not to mention gluttons.

I think there were about fourteen of the jays bumming around here Christmas morning.

A full feeder now lasts about a day. The finches aren't real happy, the seeds are a little large for their smallish beaks.

Might have to switch to something smaller and less appetizing.

Don't ever call a scrub jay a blue jay in front of a birder. I got my ass ripped by a snobby North Californian birder once and honestly the pain still stings.

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