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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

lew bob

One of the best antique dealers and indian traders of our time has passed. Lew Bobrick was a good friend of mine for several decades and always the straightest of shooters. I can not tell you how many times he freely helped and selflessly provided me with needed information, in so many fields, just so many times.

Lew was a rare breed today, what you might call a renaissance man, from native american to folkart to oriental carpets, his knowledge base was huge and he had an eye to match. A most successful combination, not to mention one very necessary for survival in certain/uncertain times like these.

Meaningless at this point, but Lew was a very aware man politically and at least a semi regular reader of my blog, which I do appreciate, for some ungodly reason. In the old days we would all spend the better part of three months a year together in Santa Fe, shared a lot of time with each other. He didn't suffer fools. He had the best, most honest laugh. Loved a good joke.  I treasured the many times going out to dine with Lew and Horsley and telling jokes.

Lew was also an epicurean and had fabulous taste in food, and wine, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of music. We shared many a great meal on the road. John Morris called me this morning to tell me the sad news.  Lew had passed away Christmas Eve, I believe from a heart attack.

Another soldier gone, another comrade at arms, exact same day of the year as Don Baughman, if my memory serves.

For Leslie and I, and all those that considered Lew a friend, which was pretty much everybody who ever knew him, he will be sorely missed. This one hurts a lot. A fabulous guy, can't be replaced, gone too soon as they so tritely say. Our best wishes and warmest, saddest condolences to his family, Chris and Emily, his friends, all those close to him. Like the line in the Grateful Dead song, Lew, the landscape will be empty without you.


Anonymous said...

Lew and I had one falling out, promised him a rug that I sold to another dealer. Hope I made it up to him. Think I did, always sold him HIS stuff whenever I found it from then on. He always knew the answer to every question, Oriental, Navajo, jewelry, anything Colorado, just the best. Will miss his rotundity and slow, measured response. Again, just the best.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t know about Lew. You said it all in your blog – a real mensch among real snakes.

Anonymous said...

thats a bitch…...

Anonymous said...

Well done for Lew, Bob, and the rest is as always amazing.

Anonymous said...

Robert, thank you for sharing is sad news with me. I am feeling the loss already he was such a bright spirit always gave me a smile.

I will miss seeing him around Santa Fe this summer and for years to come. Our world is getting smaller. What sadness

Be well


Linda said...

My heart hurts from this news. As you said so eloquently, Lew was one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

So sad. I will really miss him.

Terry S.

Mark Sublette said...

Lew was an exceptional human being, in business and life, his friendly smile and generous laugh will be missed, it already is;
he made the world better for all those who knew him.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. He was a true gentleman.

Thanks for letting me know, Rick

Victoria Roberts Art Assemblage said...

This is such sad news. Lew was a great guy with excellent taste and a wonderful sense of humor. We have lost some of our best this year and Lew was one of them. Thank you Robert for this post.

Blue Heron said...

Our community may seem big at times but in reality it is really quite small. That is why it is such a loss when you lose such an irreplaceable guy as Lew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert: hey, add me to your blog list, enjoyed this one, although the news about Lew was depressing, I recall the twinkle in his eye, for sure. thanks for keeping us informed.
I lost the Hopi potter Mark Tahbo on saturday morning, so it's been a rought holiday so far.
keep on shooting, shooter!
all the best to you and Leslie
Steve Elmore

Anonymous said...

I had to drive to Santa Fe yesterday and so many little things bring a smile or a tear. What a swath of goodness he left behind. We were all so fortunate to have known him.