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Friday, December 8, 2017

Lilac Fire

As many of you are aware, the last twenty four hours in Fallbrook have been pretty scary.

A fire broke out near the Lilac Bridge yesterday morning. Due to incredibly powerful Santa Ana winds and practically zero humidity, the blaze spread quickly and engulfed a large area. Another conflagration started up north of us in Murrieta.

The Bonsall fire is now moving west into Oceanside and is about 10% contained. The wind has abated some and is becoming more onshore, which can send the fire back and also cause it to do weird things. Hopefully not travel north. Tomorrow it is scheduled to get powerful again. We will stay alert and ready.

I talked to a high level man from North County Fire this morning. 182 structures lost, many horses dead, some people hurt with burns. We donated some lead ropes and long lines to the horse rescue effort last night. Some anonymous person saved my horse in the 2007 fire. Wish I could have done more, unfortunately we no longer have a truck or horse trailer.

At least one couple who lost their home are friends and Blast readers. Hard to get accurate information right now. Our hearts go out to all the victims, lot of pain spread around after something like this.

Many people in my town have been evacuated, many are without power and communication. I hope that things get under control quickly. Leslie and I are fine, the wind was moving south, southwest. Thank you for your concern. We dodged a bullet this time, many of our friends and fellow citizens were not so lucky. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.


Max Hall said...

The loss of so many horses at San Luis Rey Downs is heartbreaking.

Sanoguy said...

Check FB Shutters site.

Jeff Nichols said...

Glad you're safe, Robert. We were quite a bit closer, but also ok. I'm still shocked at having to worry about wildfires in December! I guess fire season never really ends now.

Blue Heron said...

Glad you both are okay, Jeff. Saw your wife recently. Nice pics, Mike.