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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Afternoon, San Elijo Lagoon

I had to pick up some stuff in Rancho Santa Fe yesterday that unfortunately didn't sell. I decided to stop off and see some good friends on the coast while I was in parts south. They are embarking on a great journey soon and I wanted to see them before they left. Hopefully I would be able to cajole them into taking a walk in the lagoon with me. I just happened to have a camera with a long lens in the car. Go figure.

We chatted and noshed for a while and then took our walk. My friend is a good part cherokee, for real, no bs, genetically tested, he has those indian eyes and he spotted an egret that I had not seen on the riverbank below.

I watched as it suddenly swooped down and grabbed something.

Gadzooks, what is that?  It got into a long struggle with a reptile or amphibian, not sure what it was, thought it might be a lizard but the unidentified prey was definitely not giving in.

Skink, salamander, snake, legless lizard? Skinny seahorse?

I really have no clue but whatever it was, it was definitely not going easy. Moving around like one of Medusa's tresses.

Interestingly shaped head and spade like tail, do you know?

After a protracted struggle the bird finally gulped it down.

Postscript: Marine Biologist friend Doug says it is a pipefish. Of course it is, I remember them now from diving. Thanks, Doug.

Lovely afternoon. Tricky shooting into the sun but you take what is given and I was granted some lovely silhouettes.

Lots of birds out, many ducks, mostly widgeons and buffleheads.

Several birders showed up, strange, I knew them all.

I can't help it, the shorebirds are pretty.

Imagine, even the young humans look beautiful in this light!


Sanoguy said...

Very nice, BH!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a longnosed gar?


Anonymous said...

I've seen small red colored snakes near the shore of that lagoon with my son. It kind of looks like a baby eel. That water's brackish, but I don't know if eels actually venture into the lagoon. Max

Blue Heron said...

Check it out full size, definitely not a snake form.

Anonymous said...

Wow, trippy! I've never seen anything like that in SD county.