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Monday, December 4, 2017

Type Faces

This was the sign that greeted me at coffee today. I didn't even shake my head this time, or audibly comment, or surreptitiously smear the thing and try to correct. Not my problem, why get ink all over my finger?

I guess it is a trifecta if you count the failure to add a question mark. But I take solace in knowing that the good lord has wonderful plans for all his humble servants, even those poor baristas that can neither spell nor conjugate.

I bought a book at the show from another dealer for a buck to kill some idle time.

Stefen Fatsis, a sometime writer for the Wall Street Journal, wrote a book in 2001 about becoming a competitive scrabble player. It is called Word Freak and was an excellent read.

Both Leslie and I like to play Jumble and do anagrams and I think I want to start playing scrabble. Will give me a chance to learn all the three and four letter words if nothing else.

I read another article by a snickering millennial putting down the font Comic Sans as well as one of my favorites, Papyrus, the other day. My message to you, snickering one, is to piss off. I guess Trump's lawyer used Comic Sans in a tweet.

Big freaking deal you snarky little shits. I like Cooper too, you want to make something of it?

Having grown up on comics and not only worked in graphic design but painted signs for a living I have a great appreciation for all fonts and typefaces. Let's see what your's look like, you wannabee Frutigers.

Believe me, there are far worse and these certainly have their place. Much better than brush script in any case.

Found this cute pillow at the swap meet yesterday. It's a keeper. Not sure of the type face but appreciate the sentiment.

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