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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Aztec Pride

I went to Kent and Heidi's to watch the SDSU Aztecs play Alabama in the Sweet 16. 

You know the game that nobody gave the Aztecs a chance to win?

Kent is my longtime bro who I go to the games with. They put out a really nice spread. We all had our Aztecs gear on, I even wore my lucky red underwear.

I don't ever drink beer but Kent had a keg of a really excellent ipa and I thought, what the hell? Why not? It was delicious. Leslie showed up and we had a wonderful time and nosh. 

Anyway, as I am sure you have heard, the gutty little team from Montezuma Mesa beat the number one team in the land.

We believed that they would win and they did, convincingly. with grit, a muscular defense and a hot point guard. Beer gave way to a celebratory nip of irish whiskey.

Tomorrow they play Creighton, in the Elite Eight.

I will be back at Kent and Heidi's too. With my red underwear.

I should note that while my bracket is a complete mess, like most everybody's, I did get a couple of things right. 

I think I shed a tear last night. You see, I started watching the team back in the days of star point guard Tony Gwynn and the fabulous Michael Cage. This has been a long time coming.


Jeff Nichols said...

Via a weird set of circumstances, I was at the SDSU game in Louisville on Friday and will attend again today. It was amazing. I think the Aztecs will make it to Houston.

Blue Heron said...

You are so lucky, Jeff!

Jeff Nichols said...

Agreed, this is/was a lucky break for me. We have a home in Louisville, I was here, and two great friends and Aztec season ticket holders told me they were coming to Louisville. I asked them to stay with me and decided to go to the games with them. As a rabid Univ of Ky fan with a home in San Diego, I had no problem getting behind the Aztecs. SDSU was very well represented in Louisville and came away with two great wins. The end of the Creighton game was one of the most exciting few minutes ever. I'm predicting Aztecs versus Uconn for the championship.