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Friday, March 3, 2023

This and that

Jonathan in Santa Fe sends this over.
Cam from Monterey wanted us to see this.
Ricardo in Thailand sends this one. And this; whale baritones rule the deep.

Not sure how to make heads or tails of this one Shawn from Thailand sends regarding plant and animal migratory routes but a neat graphic nonetheless.

Let me know if you figure it out. 

Shawn also sent this late addition: 

I’ve unleashed The Mantis Army of Ninja Assassins (M.A.N.A.)! Found a new species of Mantis that I've never seen here before...about 30-50 of these little black guys were crawling all over a plant yesterday. At first glance they looked like large black ants and I started to make a move to whisk them off! I looked high & low for the egg case, which has to be right on the pot/plant for there to be this many in one spot, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

2/3 of them were still there this morning so I picked up a couple hitchhikers and gave 'em a ride to the next “filling station”!

Speaking of Thailand and Asia, Lena and Ron are due back pretty soon but she has been sending me some nice pics of their meals of late.

This one is scallops with herbs and fried garlic from Hoi An.

Duck confit and seared ahi, now you are talking!

Millard sent the following:

Trailer Trash

Wiener theft

My mother in law the car

Renee offers a downer; sewage bacteria in ocean spray

A downer from me: Alaska's fisheries collapsing.

National Park Services says: when a bear attacks, don't push a slower friend down. Yeah, be nice.

From Calvanese.

Finally, Putin is complaining about Ukrainian "terrorists" who had the gall to stage a cross border incursion into Russia.

Lot of gall from a man who invaded a neighbor country twice in ten years and tried to steal their land.

When the other side does it they are always terrorists.

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