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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Norm Daniels - Surfing Wahines


I bought an interesting and fun painting from a picker recently. Although I have not torn the backing paper off and don't know if it is actually titled, I call it "Surfing Wahines."

It is painted by longtime San Diego surf artist Norm Daniels.

It is in a really nice frame and the canvas is 24 x 30". 

Would be perfect in the home of a surfer or a bar or tiki lounge or any homescape that doesn't take itself too seriously.

I must confess to not knowing much about the artist, his website is no longer operational but he does have an instagram page.

I do know that he was a devotee of my late friend Rick Griffin. It sort of reminds me of my friend Brett Stokes's work, too. And a bit of Alex NiƱo.

Here is a bio from a gallery that represents him.

I also corresponded with a Hawaiian gallery that represents him.

I guess he worked as both an architect, cartoonist and painter. 

Here is a cool interview with him in Surfd Magazine

I like this Griffinesque painting he did in the article, Crowd Control.

The guy is a really good artist.

My painting is for sale for a not exorbitant sum if you want it.

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