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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wednesday Ramble

One of my distant genetic cousins posted this photograph of my paternal great great great grandfather's tombstone in Warsaw. 

I found it on a genetics site.

Another genetic cousin translated the inscription for me. 

I had never seen it before. 

He was the renowned Polish silversmith Szmul Szkarlat (1814-1878.)

This is what it reads:

Szmul Shmelke, son of Mr. Avigdor his memory of blessing. He passed away in 1878.

A man walks in the path of righteousness,

Arrived to its end

He enjoyed all his days, a little poem.

Our dear father

Who is an honest man, fears God, and humble.

I guess they called him Shmelke, a Yiddish derivation for Szmul. More on him here.

Kind of cool. Nice that it is still standing. Will probably never go to Poland, great to see a picture of my ancestor. He enjoyed all his days a little poem, interesting...


I was gifted another piece of Le Creuset yesterday, a griddle pan by two wonderful people Kathy W. and her son Eric.

That is two this week. Thank you friends.

I am sporting a pretty good burn on my index finger, wasn't careful enough around the peach cobbler. Cooking is a dangerous sport.

I have been working on my sourdough starter all week, tomorrow I bake my first loaf. I had to buy a new top knob for the dutch oven, the old knobs were not able to go up to the 475° I need for the bread. Pricy little bugger.


Kip just came back from a trip to Montana, first stopping in all sorts of wonderful places, his shots were just great.


Somebody sent this over. Pretty much hits the mark. I was thinking, woke definitely has its drawbacks, but it beats the shit out of dead asleep.


What else? Restaurant Week is back but it looks like no Pampelmousse. Bummer.


Harwood sends a picture of wild ceanothus.


Competitive rock stacking. we pioneered this art, or Shawn did.


Interesting article at the Smithsonian on forced jewish identification badges throughout history. Happy upcoming Passover!


The father of cannabis research has died. A shirtsleeve relative, but they all are.


My crazy friend Barry in Phoenix just bought twenty tons of rocks.

Can I get an oy vey?

It rained like Woodstock today, enough already...

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