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Monday, March 6, 2023

Looking for a skillet


I am looking for a used enameled cast iron skillet in good condition (no chipping to ceramic). If anybody sees one at a yard or estate sale or has an extra one they are not using that is affordable, please let me know.

My preferences are Le Creuset or Staub, in any color. I want something that is 9 to 11", the 10 & 1/4" signature or classic is preferable to me. I also prefer an enameled interior to a non stick.

I can't use cast iron on my cooktop but the ceramic version works and will allow me to sear and then transfer to the oven.

I just missed one at the vintage swap meet in Palm Springs. Please keep your eye out for a nice fry pan for me!


Postscript - what the hell, I bought a new one... Life is short.

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