Juvenile red tailed hawk with clean and pristine feathers

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Fluff and dry

It might be my dark scorpio nature but I like dreary mornings in my canyon. They are really beautiful, the fog hangs below the mountain crests. Days like this, I hate to leave home.

When I left for work I saw an acorn woodpecker working on an upper branch of the oak tree. What the heck, the camera is in the car.

As I opened my gate I noticed a hawk on a distant sycamore branch. They rarely ever land on this particular tree.

I zoomed in and noticed that is held his wings in an unusual down dihedral.

My bird was soaked and trying to dry and fluff his feathers. By the way, I know this is the male, the female is in the nest down the canyon.

Looks like everybody is tired of the rain.

Very wet bird

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