Monday, March 13, 2023

Is this the way?


I was an ardent viewer of the first two seasons of the Mandalorian.

Unlike a sizable number of viewers I even mostly enjoyed Bobba Fett. 

And then came Andor.

It was absolutely brilliant, the characters had depth, the writing was inspired, the limited palette shines with a stark human realism. It conjures up memories of the best dark fiction of Gibson, Dick and Neal Stephenson.

Now we are back to Mandalorian season three. I have watched the first two episodes and honestly I feel like it is sort of meh. I believe Andor ruined the Staw Wars franchise for me. Yes, it is full of amazing CGI, lots of galactic beat downs and shoot em ups. Pirates of the Caribbean in space. It is a kid show, while Andor was decidedly written for adults.

The Mandalorian at this point of the third season shows little to no character development. It is rather banal and mindless. With a fresh canvas full of a million possibilities it suffers from overload and is becoming tedious. Visually fun but flabby, not taut or captivating at all like the Andor story line. It desperately needs a great villain like Moff Gideon back so that Pascal can actually start acting again.

Wonder what Tony Gilroy could have done with it, maybe even create a story that adults would find stimulating as well, who knows?

Hope that it gets back on track.

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