Friday, March 10, 2023

Daily rant

Moon over Fallbrook

It has been a weird week and a weird month. I have tried to put my shop back together to no avail, working several hours a day and am no closer to order and sanity. 

My plans were to take off for a bit in March and chill after the last two shows. Nature wouldn't cooperate. Rain and snow. So I have been trying to plug away without a recharge and that is getting harder for me as I get older. Basically running in place.

Couldn't take pictures of birds either because I misplaced (or lost) my Nikon el-15 battery charger. The new one from Amazon arrived today.

So I am basically still fried. And a little worried about money, have a big bill coming up that is going to hurt. If I allowed myself now would be a perfect time to sink into a deep depression.  But I prefer not to let that happen. Will figure it all out instead, if at all possible.

To make matters worse, I haven't felt well in weeks. You know that back ache that I couldn't figure out, that wasn't skeletal and that I tried to overdose with calcium magnesium so it would get better? Well, I believe I actually have a massive infection, went down to the urologist in Hillcrest yesterday, will take three days to culture but I am back on antibiotics. My new avocation is peeing every ten minutes.

That was the backache. No wonder I feel so worthless. Leslie drove me down to Scripps Mercy. While I waited for the doctor, she headed over to Whole Foods to shop. She asked me where the key was when she dropped me off and I said it was in the car but it was really in my pocket.

She called me from the store. I took a long walk after my appointment.

We stopped at Magic Kitchen afterwards for noodles, both hand ripped and biang biang. So good. Afterwards we went to a Chinese bakery next door, Tastee, for almond napoleons and half and halfs. Leslie bought a purple taro cake. Place is really cool and very clean.

Speaking of Chinese food, I had an early morning thought while I was laying in bed, can you name a single asian entrée that features tomatoes? I can't. Or cheese for that matter (crab rangoon doesn't count, that's cream cheese.) I wonder why?

I took the Promaster in for a full transmission service today. 60k miles, it is time. You watch the transmissions you should be able to get 200k on them. I hope.

Aztecs are playing today. I almost wish they lost. Conference championships are one thing but the Mountain West tournament has a way of tiring out the teams so they have nothing left for the big dance. I want NCAA wins. The WCC has a much saner tournament.

There is a lot of talk about leaving the conference and joining the Pac 12. Would make travel easier and we have a great record against those teams. But I am not sure now. With USC and UCLA leaving for the Big 12 and that behemoth eyeing the four corners teams what will be left of it? Maybe smarter to wait for the Pac 12 to implode on its own and see what is left and regroup.

My new skillet came today. I am very happy. Just bought a nice choice ribeye, going to go home and break her in.

We had a party but too wet and rainy to be on the road, for me anyway.


Had a strange thing happen the other day. I saw a friend of mine at coffee, a private investigator, Tony.

He asked to see my phone. The next thing I knew he had sent me a text.

It was strange, totally incongruent, about prostates and urine flow and shit like that.

I called him up two days ago.

"Tony, what was that message about? Are you into some weird psychic voodoo stuff?"

"What message, what are you talking about?

"The one you texted me about urinary tracts."

He had no idea what I was talking about and checked his phone.

"Rob, I have no idea why I sent that. It just appeared on my phone."

"Well Tony, it is kind of strange considering I came down with the exact ailment it was describing the next day."

He told me he didn't believe in all that stuff but I have it here on my phone. Universe acts in very strange ways sometimes getting you the information you need.

Peace out.


Sanoguy said...

You missed a good party / music Fri night… rain quit too!

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