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Tuesday, March 14, 2023


I have not been to my sacred nature spot in about three months or so, or maybe two and a half, not going to look at a calendar. 

However long it has been, I was due.

I decided to get an early start today, grab the camera gear, a cup of coffee, gas up at Costco and get out there.

The rain was forecast for noon and I didn't have a second to spare. And it showed up pretty much on time.

I made it out there and the wildflowers were gorgeous everywhere, even with the dark skies. Mustard and lupines dotted the landscape. It was very dreary and I knew that going in but I didn't care, I just wanted to be outside and alone, finally, by myself.

San Gorgonio glistened in the background. 

Coots, shovelers and red winged blackbirds tended to dominate the avian landscape, raptors less so.

V for Victory

There were quite a few red shouldered hawks, they are usually outnumbered by the red tailed there. Saw exactly one harrier, no kestrels, kites, peregrine falcons or eagles. Still a superb outing.

The roads were muddy, several of my normal arteries were closed off, the Walker Ponds were inaccessible as was the pond loop.

I made do and had a thoroughly nice time. I attempted my normal hike circle and stepped deep in a mudhole and thought it would be prudent to retreat, not having the proper footwear and thoroughly trashing my sneakers and pants with mud in the process.

It started to rain pretty hard and I came back, preferring not to press the issue. Felt very nice to check in. 

Obviously I will return as soon as I can.

Less than ideal days weather wise are kind of cool and good for me. I just enjoy myself and don't press.

Take what comes and have fun.

Even sing a little bit.

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