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Sunday, September 3, 2023

A girl and her doll

I was sitting in front of my shop on Wednesday talking to Renee and Robin when this woman and child in a stroller passed by. I didn't inquire as to the nature of their relationship but I assume, grandmother and child.

Something about the girl and her doll intrigued me and I asked if I could take a shot with my phone and the older woman readily assented. 

I am not sure what was incongruent but thought it was interesting that a young light to medium complected girl, probably latina, chose a non white playmate.

Could she already be aware that her own pigmentation was not that of the dominant majority in this country? Is she more comfortable with an imaginary friend with darker plastic skin? Is she self identifying? Of course, the event could be entirely random, she might have a row of different complected dolls and merely chose this one on this particular day. We will never know.

I am only 6.4% sephardic, the jewish genetic group that is darker than most ashkenazi but my family tends to be darker than most European jews. I remember being called derogatory names on the school bus all the way back to kindergarten. Caused me to feel as part of the "other" at an early age.

Interesting to think about when racial identity is actually established in a young psyche.

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Blue Heron said...

Hi Robert,
Like the little girl with the doll, my sister and I both had a black baby doll. It was a molded one that we could take in the bath with us. My parents gave them to us and we didn’t think anything of it. Just another cute doll to us.

Please don’t cut back on your writing. I enjoy it whenever the muse strikes you.