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Saturday, September 9, 2023


Mark Meadows credibility issue - WaPo

Charlotte Observer - The grand jury is right: Lindsey Graham should be facing charges, too

Lindsey Graham asked Raffensberger, a fellow Republican, to not count the mail in ballots in his state, according to the Georgia Secretary of State. Graham is not a credible person in the least. In my opinion, he is nothing more than a flat out liar. Had he ever made a similar call to a Secretary of State in his prior history? No he had not. The fact that a large segment of his constituency was concerned about voter fraud should not be a valid excuse, considering that people like Roger Stone and Steve Bannon had created the vaporous concept out of thin air and the general stupidity and gullibility of his base.

Zip tie guy rioter convicted, claimed they were a "fashion statement." - DB

Orange prevaricator

The boy's a liar - The George Santos Story - SP

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