Saturday, September 30, 2023

Egret at San Elijo pondering its existence...


Yesterday was sort of a sad day for me. A friend and picker confided the day before that he has multiple myeloma and a limited run expected. My cupboard is near bare and I have too many hopes resting on an upcoming show that can always go south. A good client confided that they will not be coming to the show and will be visiting the east coast instead. The Congress is engaged in a stupid game of chicken without a possible decent outcome in sight. A friend told me that he was a bit depressed. Join the club.

Cardiff compression

I drove up the coast and joined my pal for a walk through the San Elijo Lagoon. I didn't get many decent shots but I met wonderful, joyful people the whole way through that brightened up our day. Sort of forgot that we were supposed to be bummed out.

I shot a picture of a Ridgway rail, not sure I have bagged one before? 

Maybe I have.

I actually shot a picture of a striped mullet jumping out of the water. A total accident mind you but I captured it. But the picture is so mediocre that it is not worth publishing. The water was very clear and we saw this big fish under water. I think it could be a corbina. It was pretty huge.

I saw a peregrine falcon in flight, missed the shot. Missed a lot of good shots. Should have put the prime on and lugged the heavy thing around; I wouldn't be bitching so much today. Oh well. Caught an egret pooping...

Met a nice docent from Torrey Pines with a keen interest in botany. She showed us how an insect was boring into the willow leaves and causing a crazy symmetric new growth pattern. Also had a nice talk with a ranger or parks and rec lady who worked on site at the lagoon.

Saw some beautiful butterflies, I will give you that.

We met a very nice couple from Switzerland, Rolf and Esther, who were visiting and dealing with a sudden personal loss.

They graciously consented to a picture.

We finished our walk  and I visited some great friends on the coast and then had dinner with Lois and Bob.

It turned into a nice day, in spite of it all.

As I clumsily tried to say the other day, never forget that one day you might look back saying that these were the good old days...

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Ken Seals said...

Very enjoyable story and photos!