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Monday, September 11, 2023

Moose and Scones

Many humans are meat eaters. This is not new behavior, according to research, hominids started incorporating meat into their diet roughly 2.6 million years ago. 

I experimented with a vegetarian diet at two points in my life and never felt healthy. I hate to say it but I need a little blood and animal protein to run my engine.

To those of you who prefer a vegetarian life, I salute you. It's not for me.

Some people buy their meat from supermarkets, but it really mostly comes from factory farms and stockyards. Others stock their larder from the field.

My buddy Jeff in Alaska takes a wild moose down every year, with a permit, and feeds his family for a year. 

He shoots it, packs it out, dresses it and gets it butchered and ready for his table, one hundred percent responsible and aware of every step in the process. He also harvests sheep and caribou.

I find that admirable. 

By law, moose meat can not be sold, only gifted. It is a very organic product, the creature feasting on a willow diet and free from chemicals and hormones. It is low in fat.

Jeff gave me a moose roast a while back and I overcooked it. I decided to give the second one he gave me another shot tonight, Leslie planning on being away for something. I decided to learn from past mistakes and correct them.

Rather than a three hour dutch oven slow cook recommended in some recipes, I gave it 25 minutes a pound and took it out of the oven at about 130 degrees internal temperature. Because it is so lean I covered it with bacon as many people recommend.

Seared it, stuck it in a pot with potatoes, the one carrot I had left in the drawer, garlic and celery. Added thyme, salt and pepper, a little paprika, very basic. I also poured in some chicken broth (it was open in the fridge) and cracked a bottle of cheap Spanish tempranillo wine to add to the braising liquid.

It's like lamb or goat, you either love or hate moose meat. 

I love the flavor and don't find it gamy in the least. 

It is important to cut off the silver skin for the best flavor, I was in luck, my roast was pretty clean and didn't have any.

I was not going to turn this one into shoe leather and I didn't. 

This was rare, medium rare to my liking.

The bacon tasted incredible, maybe the best I have ever tasted. It was also hormone and antibiotic free.

I look forward to moose sandwiches for the rest of the week.

If I could chase them with flying squirrel I would be in hog heaven.

Speaking of Moose, there is one hanging around Santa Fe this week. 

Never knew they went that far south.

Of course man can not live on moose alone. One must have scones as well.

So I whipped up another batch of my peach ginger walnut scones yesterday.

I thought they were very good. I added more walnut and ginger than normal.

Leslie said that they were the best yet. Who knows?

I had two of RoxAnn's cranberry scones the other day and knew I had to up my game.

Have enough frozen peaches in the freezer for one more round.

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