Friday, September 1, 2023

Library Show possibilities

I don't know if you remember this one but I had a series. Drunk guy with his two pet chickens and beautiful face. He was walking in front of my shop.

I started looking through my bird shots the other day. I need to pick eight to print for the library. With over 200k shots I can't even barely scratch the surface and this is in no way a final cull, there are many I love and just haven't grabbed yet. I will look again tomorrow.

Of course, how they look on the printed page will be the key. There is no print that looks as good as an image that is on a backlit monitor so I am sure that I will be surprised. I ordered paper today, expensive. 

It should get here Monday or Tuesday. Never had a show yet that paid for itself with the cost of framing but here's hoping.

So here is a start of 43. Many do not have final processing, the little kestrel has some sort of problem in transit. Some of these did not get into the catalog full resolution, but they all are sharp in reality.

Which are your favorites, if any? Help me pick.



RoxAnn said...

Definitely the “drunk with the chicks” it’s a beauty. The duck and his reflection, egret(s) in the pond and in flight and the hawk with the downy soft babes.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the prompt for this lurker to offer my 2¢. The minimalism of #'s 2, 12, 22 and 62 are captivating; although I greatly admire all of your avian photography (and your writing as well). Best of luck on the exhibit.

Sanoguy said...

BH.... You might want to try some metal prints... they are generally more cost effective than printing, mating and framing... they are very vibrant and colorful... you can also make them larger than you would probably be able to print on your own printer... I have a number of them if you want to take a look at how effective they can be.

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Mike. I like what you and Ken have done with them but not in the budget or vision for this show.

Sanoguy said...

Another thought on metal prints>>> The audience seems to really like them... at the SD County Fair, there were a lot of metal prints, including by me and our mutual friend... I won a major award with a metal print and our friend got one or two with metal....

Blue Heron said...

I realize that but I have to like them too and it is not how I want to fulfil my vision at this particular point in time. As Bill Olson has pointed out in the past, the population at large consistently favors over saturated, high contrast work, they don't do nuance very well or appreciate subtlety. Do we need to provide them with what they like?

Unknown said...

Wow, there are so many great shots, I kept changing my mind. I love your raptor photos, in part because I rarely get a decent shot of even a hawk in flight on my trail patrols, never mind a hawk with babies or an owl. I had to force myself not to pick eight raptors! -Ginni

hawk with chicks

kestrel in flight with spread tail feathers

great horned owl in palm tree

3 hawks on a branch

scrub jay in flight or perched - I love the blue!

great blue heron in flight

green heron with open beak

bright red house finch

Sanoguy said...

Meatl need not be over saturated... vibrant and colorful are not necessarily over saturated.... Mike aren't, Ken's aren't oversaturated...As to cost, if you are paying for matting and framing, metal can cost less for the same sized print... you can print metal bigger than you can print paper at home... a mix of metal and paper matted and framed in a show can be very dramatic... my next show will be that way... you have a lot of beautiful images that would look great in metal...

Blue Heron said...

Mike, do you get it? I am not going that way.