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Friday, September 15, 2023

Equinox, Salk Institute


As many of you are no doubt aware, one of the architectural/astronomical marvels of our area occurs in La Jolla, twice a year. Architect Louis Kahn designed the Salk Institute so that on the Spring and Fall Equinox, the light of the setting sun would fall on the water canals he designed in the walkways. I believe that they mirror the earth's meridiens.

I have only shot the event once, back in March of 2015. Kip and I jockeyed with a phalanx of photographers grappling for the center line, which I obviously did not exactly have here. 

Close enough.

The security and staff were not friendly at all, fairly hostile. I am not sure if photography is even allowed anymore? Glad I snapped what I could, hope to get another crack at it one day. I had never used this particular lens before this night and was shooting fairly blindly.

Coming up soon.


Sadly, the folks at Salk, an institute long troubled by ineptitude and mismanagement,  may be killing the whole courtyard area, if they have not already.

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