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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Stupid Tourons

Have you seen the touron (tourist moron) video of the two guys in Montana harassing a moose?

Pretty priceless really although sadly lacking in some ways because we don't get to see the ultimate outcome and asskicking. Who wasn't rooting for the moose and wanting it to pulverize these knuckleheads?

I went through something like this at Grand Canyon on a trip with Ken. French tourists petting the elk. I was screaming at them to stop but they continued to be complete idiots. I could not believe what I was seeing.

You would think that people would not want to bother thousand lb. animals and threaten them and their offspring. 

But you would be wrong. 

Buffalo attacks on dumb humans increase every year. 

I think it is helping prove some Darwinian evolutionary strategy of shedding the globe of its stupidest people.

You have to give wild creatures their space.

There have been a lot of pictures in the media lately of bad tourists doing stupid things. 

This huge grizzly male at Big Thumb Creek was estimated by the rangers to be 1100 lbs. 

Leslie and I gave it a lot of distance and space.

From harassing wildlife to putting there limbs into boiling geothermal pools, you just have to wonder about our species and how we made it this far?

Bison knocks woman unconscious and steals her jeans.

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