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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


How is Trump publicly stating that he hopes Mark Meadows stays loyal on Meet the Press not witness tampering? * New bullshit from Donald about whales being killed by windmills. * Amazing that such a large part of the GOP platform is protecting the right of politicians to lie, dissemble and misinform. * GOP targets researchers who study disinformation. * Free speech chutzpah.*  GOP spreads falsehoods*

Repub attacks on fact checkers now on steroids. * Covid misinformation returns. RFK jr. not sure about 9-11. JFK Q Anon cult.

So now we have an ex President who wants to hang his ex general for treason for telling the Chinese that things were calm after January 6. Oh and put the head of Comcast and NBC in jail too. I ask my bros on the right if there is no new low that would be too low for them regarding 45 and I hear crickets. Or how fun it is to troll you libs. He can't wait to seize power and start the paybacks against his political opponents. And most conservatives won't say utter a peep. That's just Donald, as if laws, decency and morality no longer matter or apply when it comes to one man because he is so damn cute.* Interesting commentary at the right wing Dispatch, are we numb to Trump?  

Trump, Greene and Carlson's pal Vladimir Putin is promoting a New World order with Iran, China and North Korea. His talking head Lavrov went off last week. It feels like a comic book, the Axis of Evil, Smersh, Skrull, Hydra, Chaos. 

Such wonderful countries, from the murder of gays and women in Iran for not following morality statutes to the imprisonment of a million Uighurs in China. 

A talking head general the other day said that we are not in a proxy war with Russia, we are actually in a proxy war with China, which is funding them. Does not sound far off. * Tough for Dems to have to bail out a no goodnik like Kevin McCarthy so that he doesn't get eaten by his own. But they are the only adults in the room. * Speaking of chutzpah, how about Tubervillle going around his own military blockade last week to get one guy in. * Modi sends a hitman to Canada to take care of a Sikh separatist. Turkey goes after Kurdish separatists in Sweden. Putin wants to vanquish "terrorists" in the Ukraine. Every separatist or person fighting for a homeland is a terrorist to the status quo. It has been that way for time immemorial, from the Irgun to Samuel Adams to the Mau Mau and the Dalai Llama, Bolivar and Ho Chi Minh. Take such attestations with a grain of salt.

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