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Sunday, September 3, 2023

The New Yorker

We only get one magazine delivered to our house, The New Yorker. Michael bought us a subscription a few years ago and it is such a well written and pleasurable read. 

There seem to be so many issues around and they come so frequently that I would be lying if I said I read every word. But I try to keep up.

The writing lately seems to be getting better and better.

Last week's issue, whose cover is shown here, was particularly good, although there was no Hannah Goldfield food column.

By habit that is where I first look. She has my dream job, eating out in New York every night for work with a seemingly unlimited expense account. Tough life.

About as tough as Kevin Costner's soon to be ex wife having to get by on a measly 67k a month. The indignity.  I like what she said the other day, that her kids now had "luxury in their blood." Poor bastards.

Anyway my point is that there is a great article by the German director and actor Werner Herzog that I loved this week, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh." And another great article by John Kenney called "the Wisdom of Rudolph Giuliani."

You can read them through the link I supplied. Worth a read. This week's issue, is archival, didn't kill me as much but an article by Nabakov and a great story by Haruki Murakami, "The Elephant Vanishes."

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