Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday housekeeping

Sanoguy sent this picture of me over the other day. I believe that it was taken at Trestles, when I was shooting the surf contest last year. Thanks Mike, you could drive a truck through that space in my teeth.

But it does remind me that I still have a large box of t-shirts left in assorted colors and sizes. Twenty bucks, shipping included, let me know if you want one.

Any readers in Amsterdam or going to Amsterdam soon? I had two small paintings not sell at auction at Christies there. They quoted me a ridiculous shipping cost to get them back, over five hundred bucks. I need someone to throw them in a box and take them to FedEx. Last time a friend picked my painting up and the actual cost was about sixty euro. If not, Leslie may fly over and get them, poor thing.

Thanks for the concern on the tree, neighbor George Bamber got it, poor guy. Thankfully it was quick.

Having a tough time reading Scott Adams's Dilbert since he went to the dark side.

Going to see the San Diego State Aztecs play basketball tonight. They are having an uncharacteristically horrid year but I still love them.

The San Diego Chargers might have played their last game here and nobody cares. Because the owner has tried to powerplay the fans so many times people have had enough. Leave already.

We can actually live without football, a fact that probably scares the crap out of the NFL. More people are going to figure it out and people in other cities are going to stop watching guys beating each others brains in and underwriting the public financing of large stadiums that makes fat cats fatter. See ya.

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