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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fly on, little wing

Leslie brought a book home the other day that I am finding interesting reading, Jimi Hendrix, Starting at zero; in his own words.

This is a compendium of the late guitarist's own writing put out a few years ago by two of his friends, Alan Douglas and Peter Neal.

I think that lovers of popular and rock and roll music will find it somewhat illuminating.

I am sort of skipping through the thing but there are some very interesting passages; his clashing with Little Richard for looking too flamboyant on his tour, Richard wanted everyone else in a drab uniform so as not to upstage him. Played a tour with King Curtis as well. I never knew that. A lot of the stuff in the book is new to me.

He talks about his fear of opening up for the Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck on one tour. The prelude to the pretty music. He says in the book that Humperdinck's voice was flawless and then says that you have to be good looking and have a flawless voice when you have no imagination.

The influences he does cite and admire are noteworthy, Brian Jones, Dave Mason, Spencer Davis, Dylan and Tom Jones among others. Cut his teeth listening to Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters. I am looking forward to finishing this book, it explores the innermost of a very introspective, brilliant and occasionally moody man.

Jimi mentions that some of his least appreciated work were actually his favorites, he points to Burning of the midnight lamp as an example. Hendrix makes the distinction between heavy music and light music, said that on occasion he wanted to be like helium.

I believe that you succeeded Jimi. Peace.

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