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Friday, January 13, 2017

Hound Dog Taylor And the Houserockers - She's Gone

I only saw Hound Dog Taylor play one time but he made a lasting impression. I don't know that anyone has gotten a "dirtier" guitar sound. I was listening to a tune he did on the radio today and forgot how effortless and non contrived he was. These dudes just did what came naturally. Like Muddy, the virtuosity has to be subservient to the groove. Not a lot of flash but they still kick your ass.

I saw Hound Dog on this bill at the Academy of Music, 11/16/73. Maybe New York wasn't Chicago but we still got great blues on occasion.

A local guy named Stovetop played as well that night, if memory serves and I think it does, but he isn't on the poster.

Love me dem blues...

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