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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March, North County

I didn't do my solitary demonstration in Encinitas yesterday. It was raining way too hard and my friends told me absolutely not to come. For once I listened.

So instead Leslie and I traveled with some friends to San Marcos for the North County Women's March. It was unbelievable how many thousands of people attended. Saw lots of friends and also sympathetic souls we did not know, of all ages, colors and gender. Fallbrook was very well represented by a variety of citizens. Many people worried about the future of our country under President Trump.

People assembled at the San Marcos Civic Center, initially standing in a light rain. The crowd got bigger and bigger. My sign was a big hit, if I had a dollar for every person who was conceived under the original poster or had it hanging in their dorm room. Was stopped for a pic hundreds of times.

There was lots of great homemade signage, many people very angry at our country's prospects under the new President.

We marched for about a mile to Palomar College where a large rally was being held. A christian evangelist was walking around telling the liberals that they were all going to hell in a loud voice, finally got himself excommunicated from  the rally courtesy of the cops.

At a certain time in your life you know where you stand. I am comfortable with my choices.

Keep an eye out for my sign if you are on Facebook. I should be pasted all over the internet by now.

Hadn't demonstrated in a long time but better late than never. Have to represent.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.... rise up and RESIST!!! I marched in Oakland too... AMAZING! This is what Democracy looks like Mother Fuckers!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was good to see familiar Fallbrook faces as well as meet new friends Great turnout! Beth C

Anonymous said...

Crowd estimates for my house yesterday indicated two enthusiastic people. I'm sure the Trump administration would dispute that number. Thanks Robert, for representing. How many millions of witnesses in silent support there must have been!

Anonymous said...

...."Liberal media fake news again! Only one! SO SAD!"

Max Hall said...

Great sign Robert! You and Leslie look like you're right in your element.

Blue Heron said...

Like old hippies, Max?

Max Hall said...

Timeless Robert! You guys haven't lost your sparkle a bit!

Unknown said...

I'm confused,I thought the new President was Vladimir Putin. The bloated orange sphincter with explosive diarrhea of the mouth is just the puppet.

Wicki said...

Great to see you nith radint in what might be a moment of national awakening. We had 1500 people at the Lihue Airport intersection. Time to organize. Aloha, Wicki