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Monday, January 16, 2017

North County Splendor

We had a nice weekend. Leslie had a yoga seminar in Encinitas Saturday and I took the day off. I dropped her off in the early afternoon and went to Swamis and took some pictures of surfers but the waves were small and I largely failed, at least photographically speaking. Struggled with the tools all day.

Afterwards I drove to Ron and Lena's in Cardiff and hung out. Finished my third recent book on historical greek battles, by Barry Strauss, the Battle of Salamis, The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece -- and Western Civilization.

This complete the triumvirate of Thermopylae and Marathon. Amazing what an outmanned army of free men can do when fighting for their lives and native land.

Have to find Herodotus histories now, might reread Mary Renault's The Persian Boy. Still on the greek thing.

After I finished my book Lena and I decided to go walk around and get some shots at the Self Realization Fellowship. 

I hadn't been on the grounds since I was 17, when they kicked me out of their basketball court, which was reserved for monks at the time. 

My white balance and iso was off and I didn't grab anything real good but it was sure beautiful after the recent rains and an absolute joy to walk around in up there.

Afterwards we walked to the small park over Boneyards to the north.  When I was a kid there was a rope from that spot to the nude beach below. I had my first apartment on third and i streets nearby, at the Lanikai, when I was 17.

A beautiful blond girl who worked at People's Food in Solana Beach lived in a tree half way down the slope. Enchanting lass if I remember.

Some nice folks we met at the rail pointed out whales in the horizon. Lena had been watching for them all month but this was a first sighting.

And there were more together than I had ever seen at one time. Counted six separate blasts at one point in one group. Gray whales I guess.

They largely stayed outside of the sharp range of my 600mm.

Cool to watch them. They hung around for a long time. I saw dolphins too. Beautiful day on the beach. Wish I could have taken better shots. Feel like I have failed and missed an opportunity but my lens can only go so far. Wish I could afford to take the next step.

Afterwards I read and then picked up my wife. We went back and feasted on appetizers.

Leslie let us all help stir her incredible risotto, this time made with artichoke hearts, arborio, mushrooms, saffron and parmigiana cheese that we brought back from Italy.

Lena and Ron made scrumptious shrimp. The rest of the group all drank champagne, I had chamomile tea. Bob and Shela came over for a visit and we all had a great time enjoying each other's company.

Yesterday we relaxed at home. In the afternoon we went down to Bronx Pizza and then the San Diego Civic to see the last performance of Rent. Great musical and I was able to watch some cute chicks make out outside at intermission. Nice weekend.

I never forget how lucky I am to live in a place that has never yet lost its soul.

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island guy said...

It's a magical place, still. Thanks for sharing that and sounds like an awesome day off. I felt such a sense of loss for the old Encinitas of the 70's for about 20 years, it is very heartening to see that at least the corner that you show in this post is still much the same, and very lovely indeed.