Peregrine flight

Monday, January 9, 2017


ancient tortoise shell oracle -
 Xiaotun province - Questioner Bin asks if god
will set a disaster upon us 18 times.
It has been a tough start to the year for me, can't get started, can't get focus, can't get traction.

The sleep of holidays is slow to lift its fog in my mercantile world. I binged on thirteen more Breaking bads this weekend, pushed the week past forty something. Dark shit but I needed to fill in the story line gaps for Saul.

A friend just called crying, thought I was dead. You see a tree tumbled on our road this morning, killed a man driving a minivan. Not sure if it was a neighbor yet, sorry for whomever it was. Happened ten minutes after I left the valley, needless to say I drove over the same spot.

Mind your own business and death can come from the sky in an instant. People are now trapped in and out of my valley, for the foreseeable future, but my thoughts are with the poor guy.

My brother called this morning, stage four, not good.

Forgive me is I spin into an eccentric orbit, the portents are not favorable.